NCTC Articles

7th Dec 2020
It would seem the country listened and moved away from dealing with violent extremism and radicalization as in the narrow perspective of security alone.

15th Dec 2020
Kenya is on course in dealing with violent extremism (VE), radicalization and terrorism threats, if the national strategy for preventing such threats is anything to go by.

21st Dec 2020
Security agencies are on alert in the border area following reports the terrorists are planning an attack.

1st Jan 2021
Sub Editors are butchers of words! Stories are spiked and killed! Editors are gatekeepers and use professional discretion in using stories! Journalism is not for the faint-hearted! Media sets the agenda for society! Newsrooms are freedom halls!

1st Jan 2021
Media will have to raise up and say no to some stories that might push the country to the brink of a precipice.

8th Jan 2021
Studies shows that there is a strong gender dimension in violent extremism recruitment and radicalization on women compared to men.

13th Jan 2021
Its important that editors, producers and reporters handling terror stories apply what is referred
to as dozen rules of thumb for journalists. They must engage constructively while reporting to terrorism.

21st Sept 2021
Its encouraging that the country while not forgetting the incident, moved to overcome
the challanges associated with the attack.