The Kenya National Counter Terrorism Centre is a multi-agency institution established by the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA – 24th October, 2012) to coordinate national counter-terrorism measures in order to prevent, detect, deter and disrupt terrorism acts. The National Security Council appoints the Director and agrees to the amending of MDAs seconding/attaching officers to the NCTC. Its mandate is further articulated in the President’s Executive Order No.1 of 2018 (Organisation of the Government of the Republic of Kenya) with the coordination of counter terrorism strategy and policy implementation; the coordination of counter radicalisation, disengagement and rehabilitation; and as a focal point for bilateral and multilateral partnerships in counter terrorism.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta also charged the NCTC with the responsibility to coordinate the implementation of the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism (NSCVE) that he launched in September 2016.

The NCTC has existed since 2004 when it was created by a decision of the Cabinet with a mandate to coordinate national counter terrorism. It is located falls under the Executive Office of the President where it briefs and is tasked by the National Security Advisory Committee. The NCTC is headquartered in Nairobi.



Guided by the words of our National Anthem, the NCTC seeks to collaborate with all Kenyans opposed to terrorism understanding that the protection of our Kenya is at the core of our nationhood as articulated by the national anthem is constantly at work protecting Kenyans and our beloved country from anyone who tries to tear us apart.